I am a twenty-three year old girl living in Florida. The title of this blog “Onward, Fat Girl!” is a song by the now-defunct Dismemberment Plan. The lyrics are kind of dumb (sorry, D-Plan, you know I love you) but the title sums up exactly the purpose of this blog. I want to fight the stereotypes that fat people are gross, lazy and worthless. My main goal is health — I want to fuel my body with whole, natural foods and challenge my body with new and different workouts. Not only is exercise beneficial to your physical health, the benefits for your mental/emotional health are phenomenal.

I am a vegan — I have been for over a year, and I’ve been an on/off vegetarian (mostly vegetarian, sometimes a pescetarian) for over ten years. I really can’t imagine doing it any other way — I have more energy and I am making an impact on the environment. My reasons for being vegan are a health and moral issue. I won’t get in to that right now, but if you’re curious, just ask.

This is all about my fitness and food challenges. I struggle with food (stress/emotional eating) and I want to end that struggle once and for all. I want to be fit — not necessarily skinny (because I love having curves!) but I would like to know that I have pushed my body as far as it can go. I like straight up cardio (interval training is my favorite), yoga, strength training/weights. I vary my workouts daily so I never get bored.

One of my 2009 goals was to start and finish Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I’m working on it – slowly – but working on it all the same.


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29 12 2008

Cute blog. I’m interested to follow more of your writing.

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