keep moving.

18 01 2009

So, things are moving slowly but surely. I am at the gym 3-4 times a week and I am eating clean. I did eat a bit too much sugar yesterday but I’ll let it slide. Let me just say that my body does NOT like sugar so I know that I just need to avoid it.

I’ve lost 4lbs this month which is great. I am feeling muscles I never knew I had, I am sleeping better and I have felt less stressed.

I have been a bad blogger due to work and school, but I really want to start using this blog as part of my journey. I’ll try to not forget about this. WordPress for the iPhone is pretty nice, I must say.



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19 01 2009
Jen, a priorfatgirl

CONGRATS on the 4lb weight loss already – that is so so so awesome! You are doing so well, I am very excited for your continued progress. It is a lifestyle change, so we just gotta keep up with what we know is healthy. Hey, how did you get started on eating clean? I have been interested in it, but it sounds so time consuming & labor intestive; I don’t have much time because I am in work and school both full time. Any thoughts?

20 01 2009

Hi Jen! I am vegan, so for me eating clean sort of comes naturally. It’s easy to avoid the processed foods when I can’t eat any of them. I try to stock up on produce over the weekend. I prep it all (wash it, chop it, de-stem it, etc. – whatever I need to do) and start mini bags of chopped carrots, cucumber, whatever. I also make a big batch of soup (lentil, vegetable, chili) to eat through the week. I always keep salad ingredients on hand plus fun things to put on them – beans, baked tofu, tempeh, etc. You could obviously substitute your lean meats here. The key is always keeping the right ingredients on hand. The worst/most processed thing I eat is Clifbars. Just avoid refined flours and sugars, keep good quality ingredients on hand and prep prep prep! I work full-time and I’m a part-time student (2 classes) so for me it’s more about the snacks than anything else – portable fruit, nuts, bars and lots of water!

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