allow me to vent.

3 01 2009
  • You are not a vegetarian if you eat fish. Sure, you may be a pescetarian, but please stop calling yourself a vegetarian. When you are a vegetarian who eats fish, it makes people who know nothing about vegetarianism think that all of us eat fish. Please don’t think this is a holier than thou attitude – it’s not. If there’s any “meat” I don’t have much of a problem with people eating, it’s things from the sea. Sure, I still think it’s cruel and I also think that some oceans are pretty dirty, I think that fish has more supposed health benefits than say, oh, red meat. But really, if one more person says “Oh, she’s a vegetarian, but she can have fish!” then I’m going to scream. What don’t you understand? I eat nothing that comes from an animal! Thank you for trying, I do appreciate it, but just give me some raw veggies and move on.
  • People who assume that fat people don’t know what they are doing at the gym. People who assume that fat people at the gym are there to lose weight. People who stare at fat people in the gym, period. Hey, maybe I would like to lose a few pounds, but that’s my choice. Just because I am fat and getting into fitness to tone up does not mean that the fat girl next to me on the treadmill wants to look like you, Fitness Barbie. Please stop talking to us like we are below you. Some people exercise because they enjoy it — whether it is for the mental health benefits, whether they just want to get their heart rate up or because they like walking.
  • People who assume that all fat people have “poor” eating habits. I know that I may be overanalyzing this sometimes, but whenever I am out to eat with someone marginally smaller than me and I order the supposed “healthier” item and they order something fattening/fried/etc., the server always gives me the fattening one and my friend the healthy one. Last week, I was served a loaded baked potato and chicken tenders while my friend received the veggie burger patty and soup.  She weighs 135 pounds, I weigh twice that amount — so of course I am going to be eating the crap, huh?

Phew, okay, that felt good.



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